Greetings from Hawaii! It’s been great so far! Hope everyone is doing well. I had a good 31st birthday but can honestly say I think I see more grey hairs this morning?!?!

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» This is me signing off for two weeks…

Well, unless I’m lucky and can get on via mobile from time to time.

Hope everybody is well, and I will talk to you all soooon! 

If anyone is interested in joining the X-Files Fiction Writers’ Network while I’m away, please let dream1n9big know, and she’ll take care of everything!


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Original British Drama coming soon to .

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“Chris has his hands on every single aspect of the show,” says Gillian Anderson. “He’s a controlling maniac, and he’s a genius.”

Like the show’s heroes, he’s downsized his personal life to the point of nonexistence. He and his wife have no children — “It’s fine with me,” he explains. “I think I’d love a kid too much, for one thing.”

Rolling Stone, February 1997

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Was he [David Duchovny] hard to cast?
Chris Carter: He actually came in and read for the part. I didn’t realize how smart he was, because his delivery is so slow. At first I wasn’t impressed. I was looking for a different kind of intelligence. But he read perfectly.

And Gillian Anderson?
Believe me, that was a very difficult, uh, sell to Fox.

This was when “Melrose Place” and “90210″ were big hits for Fox. Were they looking for a Heather Locklear type?
When she came in to read for the part, she was not looking her best. She looked like she had probably been living somewhere in the East Village [in New York] and was dressed kind of funky. She looked nothing like she looks now. But I saw an intensity and an intelligence there that I think would be a part of any person who had gone to medical school, who was young and ambitious. A person who wanted to please her superiors. You knew the chemistry was there with Dave and Gillian. That’s something you pray for, because you can’t manufacture it.

Rolling Stone, February 1997

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i think when david duchovny’s album drops i’m just going to casually not listen to any of it and assume it’s a bunch of songs with just him rapping about government cover ups and alien invasions and scully’s ass

have faith #believe
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🎶 play that funky music white boy 🎶

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I think we should all try to cast William for the 3rd movie! Any suggestions?


The original William could still do it. Somehow this kid grew up to look just like them.

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*looks around*

SO  much shit to do. 


*goes back to sleep*

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The TV Guide ad for “Two Fathers/One Son” in Febrary 1999. (I took this down off my wall to scan it for y’all.)

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Why Mulder look like he just went Potty for the first time all by himself in that last gif

That fake kiss was the greatest thing he’s ever gotten in his life up to that point, tbh

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Theyre are really trying their hardest to demonize this child


How many of us have weed in our system

Hell, I have weed in my system

I knew they were going to bring this up as a Reason that he is an aggressor.

Since when does marijuana make folks aggressive?

Since when does having marijuana in your system make you a raging criminal

The officer didnt even know that Mike a that in his system

But you see, they waited until the other autopsy was released to expose their own autopsy report

This is so much bullshit. They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

Even if true OR relevant, having weed in your system makes you more likely to chill out than charge through a hail of bullets toward your certain death.

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Once you get this you must give 6 random facts about yourself, then send to your ten favorite followers! :)

Ah, thanks! I was also tagged by danadumaurier, so I’ll throw out more than six here…well, I’ll see what I can do, anyway.

1. My friend Claire once convinced me that we were being stalked by a bear in the woods near her house. I was terrified.  She thought it was hilarious. Such was our relationship. I loved her.

2. My older brother used to lock me in these little attic closets in our house and leave me there to scream my head off. (I was between the ages of 6 and 8.)

3. The amount of times my neighborhood friends and I made Babysitters Clubs that never went anywhere are countless…

4. My 8 yr old niece just got a cell phone (don’t ask…long story) - she called me last night at about 10pm and when I answered she just said, “Hey. I just wanted to say goodnight..” *sigh* We also have long conversations about Sims Freeplay, which she loves so much. She asked me yesterday, “How do I get them to get married?! I CAN’T DO IT!”

5. There are a number of people here I feel I owe part of my soul to (for various reasons.)

6. I’m reading “All the Light We Cannot See"  right now - it’s excellent. 

7. My first celebrity crush was Richard Dean Anderson in MacGyver.

8. I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter this summer and I swear I have never felt more like a child. I didn’t even read the HP books until I was well into my 20’s. But I wanted to do fucking cartwheels down the street after experiencing it. I was so giddy.

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» "Grateful"


I spontaneously wrote this fic going to and from work on the train today…it’s another one of my “character study” stories but this one explores Scully’s Catholicism. Apparently I’ve been on a “Scully faith” kick lately.

Mulder’s point of view, season 4/post cancer arc. Hope you guys enjoy. :)


"Mulder, I’m going to be a while. Are you sure that you don’t want to come back for me later?" Her whisper seemed oddly loud and resounding in the sacred space they occupied. The church was completely empty save for the two of them and the lights were off, leaving the colored beams from the stained glass windows and the heady-smelling prayer candles as their only sources of light.

Mulder caught himself gazing around in curiosity and wonder before he realized his partner had spoken to him. She was looking at him now, her face inquisitive and her eyes soft as she waited for his answer.

"Wha-no, it’s fine, Scully. I don’t mind waiting." A smile touched her lips and he knew that his standing by meant something to her. She knew very well what he thought of her faith and of religion in general, and to be willing to accompany her on something that obviously meant a great deal to her was no small sacrifice.

Mulder smiled wryly to himself as he thought of a number of additional things he’d do that made tolerating organized religion seem like nothing at all. He’d do just about anything and go just about anywhere for her now. Since her remission from the cancer that had plagued and nearly destroyed her body two years ago, she had taken to visiting church on the date she had received news of her recovery. Not a big motion, she just wanted a little time to herself with her faith.

"It reminds me of the things I need to be grateful for." She had explained quietly to Mulder. He’d made his arguments previously about his convictions that it was no act of God that cured her cancer, but when he saw the peace that stole over her face whenever she brought up her beliefs, something stirred in him. So when she had mentioned she would be visiting church during her lunch break that day, he impulsively asked if he could come with her.

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