There are no plans to release any of the NT live productions on DVD

This maketh me sad….
If true.

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Happy birthday, Gilliandersob! Hope you have a great day!!!

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» The weekend is here, I guess…

Which means I won’t be around for a few days….and come Monday I’ll be at my mom’s again, dealing with some personal issues….

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this is amazing..who made the gifs ? and please tell me where u got the videos from !

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» Favorite things right now:
  1. Gillian
  2. Gillian on stage
  3. Gillian taking a bow
  4. Gillian smearing lipstick on her face
  5. Gillian in bra and slip
  6. Gillian singing in the bathtub
  7. Gillian wearing those wedge heels
  8. Gillian in yellow
  9. Gillian
  10. Gil
  11. G
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Focusing on Gillian: I bet she will be crying herself tonight after such a long run (especially knowing that it was extended because it was sold out so fast mainly because of her name). She just looks in awe at the end of her performance, just so happy that people loved it. She shows no arrogance - just shy emotions. It's sweet and lovely. And what's great about tonight is Mark and the boys were spotted bringing her flowers into the theater before tonights performance.


Oh godddddd. 

Just bless her. Bless her for doing what it takes to make her dreams come true and doing it so damn well. I’m so sad it’s coming to an end but I sincerely hope that being Blanche was everything she imagined it to be and I hope it’s not the last time she gets to do it. I hope it goes to NY (even if it’s off Broadway, which would actually probably be better?) and I hope it does just as well there as it did in London.

Let’s cry about it some more.

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» Streetcar Hangover?



Do you feel emotionally numb? Do you want to cry when seeing an unwashed grape, a can of coke, or a broken plate? Can you no longer wear your kimono? Do you get overwhelmed by the thought of the world getting to love Gillian Anderson as much as you do?
Friends this is no hangover. This is a streetcar hangover.
And just when you start to feel a little better…


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Ivy Restaurant, London,14/11/02.

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» That moment in Streetcar….

When Stanely grabs Blanche’s love letters out of her suitcase and she panics, scrambling to get them from him. They scatter on the floor and she’s screaming that she’ll have to burn them now, since he touched them.

And he just stands there, not at all understanding her feelings, or emotional response. Actually getting offended that she said she’d have to burn them. 

It was one moment that really spoke to me (of course, there were a billion, but this one’s on my mind.) It broke my heart, and I could totally relate to it. A person being so cold and not understanding how I feel about something, and why something makes me emotional, or creates such a reaction. Having the audacity to completely ignore pleas and requests to STOP WHAT THEY’RE DOING. They flip it around so it’s about them.

Poor Blanche. Ugh I just want to weep thinking about it.

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I know I’m not alone in feeling this way after such an amazing production. So I made a thing.

This needs more notes Honey Lambs!

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Bless the person who captured this moment. I’ve seen this play 3 times and it never fails to cause me to tear up seeing how emotional she gets from the audience reaction. I’ve never been more proud of a person I don’t even know. She just kills it every time.

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Gillian Anderson and the cast of A Streetcar Named Desire taking their final bows at the Young Vic Theatre.

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So, let's think about that character in the play, "Honey Lamb", the newspaper boy who 8 times a week comes on, says 2 or 3 lines and gets kissed by Gillian. Not too bad, eh?


RIGHT? This kid has it made. 

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» Personal..sorry…

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Gillian Anderson on the set of ‘Extra’ in NYC, 3.13.2014

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